Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A'st1: Yearning of my Heart

I came to know this group too late...they have already disbanded but their music lives on, at least in my heart. They have this song which keeps on running in my mind. I actually think that I am crazy now because I can listen to the song the entire day, it keeps on repeating and repeating in my music player and I am not bothered at all :)

I am referring to A'st1 (pronounced as A style), a Korean boy group composed of 6 jalsaeng-gin guys in their early 20's who can all sing (they harmonize well, see- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFR9DMcCJOY&NR=1), dance and unconsciously make girls swoon over them haha. Though the group's generally Korean, only 4 are pure Koreans namely Park Jung Jin (leader), Sung In Kyuone, Byun Jang Moon (MY UBER FAVORITE!), Lim Han Byul and then one is Japanese, Azuma Tomoki (Tomo) and Ding Hai Ming is Chinese :)

                 (from L-R) Haiming, Hanbyul, Jangmoon, Tomo, Jungjin, Inkyu

In  a nut shell, they debuted in 2008 with the song " Back." Since, two members are non-Koreans, the label of which the group is under, DSP Entertainment, had plans for them to be known throughout Asia. They have trained for years before actually coming out in public.  Unfortunately, oh and i mean unfortunately, for some reasons not quite clear to me...a year and few months after, the group has disbanded.... (and I faint...)

                              (from L-R)   Jungjin, Jangmoon, Hanbyul, Tomo,  Inkyu, Haiming

They have already disbanded the moment I became an A'st1 uhm...fan.:) Thanks to my viewing of Boys Over Flowers series (Korean version of Meteor Garden/ F4), I heard this one song used as soundtrack, and from then on I did not stop until I finally found it. I had a hard time, mind you, looking for the song because I cannot understand the lyrics in Korean but the melody has stuck in me so much that I used it as a guide which lead me to the song :)) And after which, I came to know the voices behind the haunting song :))

And as for that song which I uber loooooove now, it's Yearning of the Heart. What's most interesting about all this is that I don't speak their language and I just rely on the translations available online (I am not even sure if the translations are correct) but I still love the song. I don't know what's in it but every time I hear it I'm soothed, I'm calmed and I'm transported to a serene world far away haha...try to listen to it...maybe I will see you in that world too :))

A'st1 memories are preserved, thanks to youtube.com, I' m able to watch over and over videos and listen to their other songs which I came to appreciate eventually after learning more about them. They have their own version of English songs like "More Than Words", "World of Our Own" by Westlife and "This I Promise You" by Nsync. And of course they have other Korean songs aside from "Yearning of the Heart" which I, who is non-Korean, really love such as the sad sad "Naega Babboyeoso", the groovy "Show", fun "Funky N Roll Tonight" and many more.

Oh well, I'm a bit sorrowful that I came to know A'st1 too late, but I'm still happy because at least I came to know them :)) And no matter how late this might be, I'm urging everyone to take time to hear 'em out.

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