Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Etude House says..."Put Your Hands Up!"

Etude House prides itself on being a TOTAL BEAUTY BRAND, addressing various beauty and skincare needs of Princesses and even Princes too!:D

And now, the brand takes a step further as it introduces products for the ARMPITS!:D These aren't available in the Philippines yet but one can take a preview of these products at one of the corners of the Nail Art Area in the new Etude House SM Megamall (located at Building B Upper Ground Floor).

I couldn't resist taking snapshots of these adorably packaged deos, with a very interesting, and I should say, funny name haha --- PUT YOUR HANDS UP! Come come come take a look and check out what I got from the label of each.

Put Your Hands Up Deo Perfume Mist (50 ml)
It restrains sweat and odor to keep freshness. It has delicate pearl and sweet floral scent.

Put Your Hands Up Deo Multi-powder (40g)
This multi-use powder keeps freshness by absorbing sweat.

Put Your Hands Up Deo Perfume Stick (40g)
This is a stick type deo restrains sweat, odor and keeps freshness with citrus scent.

Put Your Hands Up Deo Care Gel (50ml)
This product restrains sweat and odor with whitening and anti-wrinkle effect.

Knowing Etude House, these products should be very effective, just like the other products they carry.

Now I'm thinking, when these become available, I would probably try the Deo Gel first (yes, the whitening and anti-wrinkle benefit are definite come-on) I wonder how the gel would feel on my pits....hmmm cool perhaps? But for sure, it'll be a refreshing experience that would make me "put my hands up!"

Haha, can't wait!:D


  1. woot..woot..nice one!There are a lot of Etude House new products to be hunt for!


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  3. mia dear, this one's available already in the philippines but i have yet to get my deo care gel.:D will do a review as soon as i test it.:D how about in your country? is "put your hands up" available already?:D

  4. Omigosh thank you!!! Haha I have a sample of these geo deo and I had no idea what I'm supposed to use them for but now I know. XD

  5. I think it's already available cause I'm planning to buy one.