Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh So Wondrous "Welcome to Wonder Lip Land" from Etude House

I dropped by Etude House in SM Megamall last Tuesday and finally, I was able to grab the product I’ve been meaning to get myself –  Welcome to Wonder Lip Land.:D As far as I know, this is the first lip palette offered by that Etude House in the stores and it consists of 18 colors (12 rouge and 6 gloss).

...comes with a big mirror (yey!) and 2-ended lip brush

Its box is very "Alice In Wonderland-ish" haha... Now we know the product name's inspiration :D

The moment I took hold of the Welcome to Wonder Lip Land, the eager beaver in me prevailed and even inside the shuttle going home, I was tempted to open the package and test the wonderful lippies right there and then but thank God I was able to control myself haha!

This product costs only P798, so technically, each lippy costs only P44.33! That's really affordable huh compared to buying individual lipstick or lipgloss. And there are many colors to choose from, depending upon the mood, outfit, occasion, or whatever.:)
Anyway, few hours ago, I had this amateur "lip pictorial" with the help of the boyfie, D. I initially intended to take photos of my lips wearing all 18 colors but my schedule was cut due to other things to do for the day. I managed to use 9 colors and as for the other half, I just created swatches on my arms.

Take a peek at Welcome to Wonder Lip Land put to actual use.:)
* Photos were taken using natural outdoor light
*Please bear with some uneven application, this pictorial was done in haste as my personal photographer had to leave earlier than duration initially planned :(( 

Color Guide

Color Number 1

Color Number 2

Color Number 3

Color Number 4

Color Number 5
Color Number 6

Color Number 7
Color Number 8

Color Number 9

Number 1 and  2 are the most pigmented among the rouge colors and  Number 18/Letter f is the richest and most intense among the gloss colors. Number 11, in my opinion, is the sheerest of  the rouge colors but is infused with golden specks which makes it great for highligting.

My personal favorites ----> Color Number 2 (rouge) and Color Number 18 (gloss). :D

How about you, which of the colors do you fancy the most?:)


  1. Hi G!
    I think I'd go for color number 9.
    Thanks so much for the fantastic review.mwah!

  2. Hi Ms. Kaye! Yes, Color Number 9 is nice as well. It isn't flashy but looks attractive nonetheless.:D

    Thank you for dropping by my site.:D

  3. nice review :) i love shade no. 2~

    followed your blog btw :D


  4. @carizza, thanks!:) i've followed yours too!:)