Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

PICNIK --- The Online Photo Editor I Lurv!

This online photo editor really makes me happy! It's simpler than Photoshop and for some time now, this site has managed to give reliable assistance in making my blog photos look presentable :D

Here's a screen shot of its homepage.

One can EDIT (auto-fix, rotate crop, resize, exposure, color, sharpen, red-eye), CREATE (effects, text, stickers, touch-up, frames), then SAVE and SHARE. It's that easy!:D

I'm tempted to post more screen shots but then again, it would be better if the actual PICNIK SITE is visited so one can see for himself how great it is. All I can say is this --- using this site to enhance photos for blogs or for whatever brings about an experience that is so uncomplicated and yet uber fun, well, just like a picnic!:D

P.S. With phrases such as "warming breeze",  "sprinkling dew",  "applying sunscreen", "floating kites",  "stealing picnik baskets", and "blooming blossoms", "painting sky ", 'buttering sandwiches", "planting trees", "laying blanket" which appear while the site is loading...what could get more "picnik-y" than that?:D

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