Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Friday, May 20, 2011

Etude House and Dara's Transformations :D

As endorser of Etude House, DARA of 2NE1 has undergone several transformations.

Most notable of which is her becoming MISS TANGERINE. Sporting short curly light brown locks, she showed us how to look playful and vibrant by putting on a color which many thought was "unwearable" --- orange.

And then in a blink of an eye, we see Dara shedding off the "juicy" image, to become the ALOHA GIRL! This time, with long dark brown hair, cherry lips, and bronzed skin that suit her very well.:) Thanks to Etude House's newest makeup line, Aloha Makeup Collection, which will be released in the Philippines soon. 

Between the two, I think I favor this tropical look over the other. Oh well, she looks CUTE as Miss Tangerine but in my opinion, she looks GORGEOUS as Aloha Girl! 

Based on Dara's photo, I say the new makeup collection would generally work for girls from the Philippines especially those who have "bronze" or tanned skin to begin with.:) That's why I'm so excited for the arrival of Aloha Makeup Collection. 

It seems ironic though that the collection reminds me of the beautiful "summer-y" island of Hawaii and now in the Philippines, the rainy season is beginning to make its presence felt.

photo grabbed from www.gohawaii.com

Haha but I don't care.            

I can be Aloha Girl any season of the year!:D

How about you, which do you like better - Dara as Miss Tangerine or as Aloha Girl?:)

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