Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Sunday, January 24, 2010

For that oh so splendid SKIN...

Seems that nowadays, everyone just wants to have fairer skin. Well that explains the popularity of skin whitening products especially in countries such as the Philippines. But you know what? The truth is, these whitening products do not actually WHITEN skin, but merely BRING BACK the natural skin color you were born with, sans the extreme sunlight exposure, pollution and other factors that damage the skin and darken its color. In short, if you are to use so-called whitening products, do not expect to be really white, but instead expect your epidermis to be transformed to its almost perfect state when you were a baby :)

Now what's more important is that your skin is smooth and blemish-free and I think that would really make the difference. For that, I have TRIED AND TESTED LIKAS PAPAYA HERBAL SOAP. It is the first Filipino organic herbal soap, enriched with Papaya enzyme and blended with tropical herbs for clearer and fairer complexion.

I have been using the product for some time now and beyond the "fairer skin concept" , what I really love about this product is that every time I use it all over my body, I actually feel the "clean sensation", unwanted excess oil is removed and my skin is blemish free, no pimples whatsoever in my face. I feel like I am glowing.

I have tried other soaps offered in the market (even other papaya soap brands) out of curiosity, but I therefore conclude that for me, nothing beats the skin confidence that is elicited with the use of Likas Papaya Soap.

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