Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ETUDE HOUSE: Dear Darling Tint for those Kissable Lips :)

The first time I used this product in public, someone remarked...."Wow kissable lips!".

Dear Darling Tint is another irresistible product from Etude House. With uber cute packaging, it comes in three colors - No.1 Berry Red, No. 2 Real Red and No. 3 Orange Red (I got Real Red :)). This is a nice, nice, nice alternative to lipstick. Neither oily nor creamy, it gives the lips that natural hint of color which I personally  love, love, love. It also has this cherry scent that I could almost taste :)

Mind you, it does not wear off easily, it takes hours for it to completely vanish, even if I subject it to eating, drinking and brushing of teeth. The color fades away slowly making it look more and more natural as hours pass by :)

I just wish though that more colors would be available in the future. I don't want to be limited to just three options haha.

This is me wearing the tint for the first time :)   I just took advantage of the sample and after being satisfied, I did not hesitate to purchase one.

Now before I end, I will show you some photos of Etude House in SM Megamall. Pardon me for the quality as these photos were taken using just a camera phone but in reality the shop is uber well lit and oh so pink that it couldn't really be missed by passers-by!  As I have mentioned in my previous blog entry, being inside the store makes me feel like I'm in a dreamland, like I am transformed into a princess with all the magical products created just for me.:) 

Lee Min Ho as come on....if you use Etude House products, you get to be his GIRL :))


  1. Hi Golda,

    Got the link of your blog from Facebook, nakakatuwa naman yung mga reviews mo. Hindi ako familiar with Etude House but I just might check it out this weekend. Mukhang okay.

    I'll link you up on my blog, ha?

  2. im torn between this and their fresh cherry tint..

  3. @tidei, sure sure :)

    @shopcoholic, sis which do you prefer now, dear darling tint or fresh cherry tint? :)

  4. i super like this product..

    not only because its not too expensive but also because it has a very long staying power on the lips and cheeks :D heheeh

  5. Yup that's true :) But sometimes it can be a bit drying so it's a nice idea for Etude to come up with the tint gloss couple :D