Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Uber Kikay Phone: myIphone QV27 (S Phone)

I’ve recently downgraded myself, gadget-wise, exchanging my ever trusted Samsung Omnia b7320… with a myIphone QV27 or the S Phone. Yeah, style prevailed over function!:) But what I meant with "function downgrade" is the lack of wi-fi and Microsoft Mobile which were both readily accessible with my Samsung Omnia, I somehow missed these two features when my S Phone came along but then that’s basically it. Well my S Phone can do practically the same in terms of sending sms and calling (which really are the most important features any cellphone could have, hello that’s why it’s a phone!:) 

 Ok so I fell in love with the S Phone when I first saw Anne Curtis broadcasting on national TV that it's her phone model. After that, I did some research but it seemed back then either it was not released yet or no one has featured abut it online. Anyway after some time, I saw it available at the mall but since I just got my Samsung Omnia then, I had to immediately forget about buying it. 
But 3 months after, during one of my window shopping days, I saw it again and I couldn’t resist it anymore. I knew I had to get the phone (waaaay less expensive than my Omnia, by the way) and I did! It’s just so me, especially with the Swarovski buttons and the mirror concealed behind the phone (with my other phones, I used to be contented with peering on the surface of the screen in standy mode. haha)
It really is a girly phone and so far those who have seen my phone thought it’s a compact or some kind of make-up kit upon initial glance.

But myIphone QV27 (or S Phone), which reveals the full phone with a swiveling motion, is not short of features, mind you. Let me share them to you:

Qwerty Keypad
GSM / EDGE/ GPRS Class 12
900/1800/1900 MHz
2.4“ 240X320 pixels QVGA screen
WAP 2.0
SMS, MMS, EMS, Chat, Email
MP3, True Tones, MIDI, WAV

Bluetooth 2.0 / USB / 3.5mm jack
2.0 Megapixels Camera
1000 Phonebook entries
microSD (TransFlash) expandable up to 8GB
6hrs Talk time
246hrs Standby time
Standard battery, Li-Ion 850 mAh

MP3/MP4 player

Yamaha amplifier

Sound recorder

Stereo FM radio
USB cable
Integrated applications: Java, Google maps, MSN, Yahoo messenger, Gtalk, Skype, Ebuddy, Opera mini, Facebook, Games, World Clock, Health, Stopwatch, E-book reader
It also comes in a hot pink matte box with magnetic flaps for opening and closing the box.

Even Ms.Piggy couldn't resist the mirror behind the phone :)

Well, I should say, this is indeed one helluva fashion phone which I really really like :)


  1. This phone is so gorgeous, if you are more of a fashion over everything type, then this phone is for you

  2. hahahaha thanks for the support!:)) seriously though, as I've mentioned, this phone isn't naman all fashion only. there are good features in it!:)

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  4. Wow. Cute. :) Is it dual sim too like the other My|Phone models?

  5. @mm, yep yep :) no TV though :))

  6. @mm again hehe, what's your blog link? so I can follow you as well :)

  7. this is too cute!! hehehehe

    i remembered my aunt was selling this phone during x-mas 2010..i wanted to buy it but i don't have the money and my mom doesn't want to buy hhuhuhu..

  8. oh sayang..but anyway, I'm guessing its price will go lower in a few months, especially with the emergence of new models:) Maybe you could save up and give it to yourself as a present this coming Christmas teehee :D