Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Monday, July 5, 2010

Teardrop Powder from Etude House

I'm now contemplating whether I am already an Etude House addict... hmmm I think...well almost haha :))

This is actually an overdue post as I have been enjoying this product for months now and it is only now that I get to write about it. Anyway, it's never too late. :)

 Want instant glam up? Then this shining shimmering product should do the trick - THE TEARDROP POWDER!:)

This product is basically to add sparkle to the eyes. It comes in loose powder form and according to my research later, it is infused with Pearl Pigment. 

Inside Etude House store, the product tester comes with a cotton bud to serve as applicator. Well, when I first saw it, I just presumed (I did not ask haha) how it worked and I did something like this- I let the product cling to the cottony tip and got ample amount. Basing on its name "teardrop" I placed the tip on both corners of my eyes, where tear wells up, my eyes were highlighted by the subtle sparkle.

But later on, I've experimented with it and used brush instead of cotton bud as applicator. What I now do is that I sparingly dust the powder on my temple and sometimes over my lids. In that way the sparkle is scattered and I get a subtle shimmer in my eye area.

Since I'm the type person who has a busy bee disposition and does not have much time, when I'm in a rush, I just put this product on and this would suffice as my only eye makeup. The sparkle is enough to draw attention to my face and well, glam me up :)

I don't usually put this much, this is just for photo purpose :)
It works wonders indeed as people get intrigued with the sparkle in my face. When I first wore the product some friends didn’t know what it was and I used to tease them by saying that it's just my natural sweat shimmering but of course I couldn't really resist sharing with them this simple yet versatile cosmetic. 

Aside from the eyes I've also tried putting  a little bit on my cheeks. And oftentimes when I use it, the powder gets on my arm and so I have an instant limb shimmer haha. :)

Yes, the Teardrop Powder has become an essential part of my makeup kit. Thank you Etude House because I've discovered such product.

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