Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Monday, September 5, 2011


I know, i know. I've been really bad to this blog. I've neglected it for gaaaah 3 months! But hey, I have a valid and happy excuse for it. 


During the preparation I was very hands on, mind you, I did the wedding coordination myself (bow!). So you could just imagine how I became very very very very very very busy! Hence, the neglect of this blog.

Anyway, I just dropped by to say that I may still be neglecting this blog in the coming days as I am now concentrating on my newest baby on cyberspace, this time focusing on the details of my wedding. 

A Rated DG Wedding

As I've told you, I coordinated and arranged for my OWN wedding so I hope through my new blog, I would be able to help, in my little way, all beautiful brides-to-be out there with their preparations.:D

So for www.happinessofg.blogspot.com readers, I'll see you again soon, meantime, I hope to see you in my other site --- 

A Rated DG Wedding

Happy newlyweds.:D

Consider my other site an extension of this blog. Anyway, there you shall be reading about something that brought happiness to me, G. Happiness that will surely last for my entire lifetime.:D 

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