Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tony Moly Water Jelly Tint Pomegranate

I was rummaging through my bag and I saw this.

I've been meaning to take a photo and post a review on Tony Moly's Water Jelly Tint in Pomegranate few months back (if I'm not mistaken, I first bought this from the Korean brand's boutique in SM Megamall 3-4 months ago) but because I got too busy, I did not notice the delay until I saw my almost empty tube. 

Waaa anyway I still believe it's never too late to post a review on this, so here it goes.

First to give you an idea on how the product looks in its unused state, I grabbed a photo from TM's site.
Comes in 2 variants - Pomegranate and Strawberry


It's been my everyday tint, mind you. What first attracted me to this tint is its deep plum color. Well, I love love shades that are vampire-ish haha.:D  When applied to lips though, it doesn't look dark at all, its hue is pigmented just right.

BEFORE--- Bare lips :)

AFTER --- Tinted Lips, one swipe only :)

This tint has a consistency of a diluted jelly so it is easy to apply and blends but never messy. I suppose this can be used on the cheeks as well but I just use this on my lips. It is moist and does not dry my lips due to its misture content. It is long-wearing and does not transfer. I tried pressing my lips on my hand after a few seconds of application and there wasn't any hint of color left on my skin.

As you can see, my tube is almost empty, and the label's almost gone haha, but I intend to finish all of the contents to its last jelly drop. And when the tube becomes empty, Tony Moly Water Jelly Tint in Pomegranate would have a place in my history for being my first cosmetic product to be used up entirely. For the record, I haven't finished any make-up yet, as in totally, as there would always be contents left and then I'll proceed trying new products hehehe.

Needless to say, I gotta schedule another trip to Tony Moly boutique so I can get a replenishment of my Water Jelly Tint, which by the way, costs P348 only.:D


  1. aww lip tint, im not a fan of them, i love lippis haha :) but i think it looked nice on ur lips :) followed you! hope you can follow back :0


  2. yes eji, this particular lip tint is really nice. try it!:D

    thanks for following my blog, i will surely follow back.:D

  3. Sou do Brasil estava na duvida sobre comprar esse produto,vocĂȘ ajudou bastante!kysses!