Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Monday, December 6, 2010

IMPORTED ENTRY FROM MY OTHER BLOG --- Missing U Hand Cream (Etude House)

Variants: Fairy Penguin, Pink Dolphin, Harp Seal, Panda (photo from Etude House FB fan page)

I first saw the promotional photos &video of Missing U Hand Creams (check out Etude House Philippines Official FB fan page ) before the actual product but aaaaah...I was nevertheless smitten.

I already saw these cuties "in person" when I passed by Etude House Megamall and boy, they are even cuter in 3D. For some reason I was not able to buy but I'm going to get one soon for sure :D It's affordable, just P278 :D

Just a quick note, there's more to cuteness behind MISSING U products...As I've learned from the video, the animals characterized by the packaging of Missing U Hand Creams  ---  FAIRY PENGUIN, PINK DOLPHIN, HARP SEAL, PANDA ---are already endangered...sadly :( 

Etude House responds to the call of saving them by putting a portion of sales from Missing U Hand Cream to a some sort of animal foundation. Wow, such a noble endeavor.I do wish they, or we, would succeed in saving them so that our children and grandchildren and great great grandchildren would still come to know these animal friends.

For more info on MISSING U advocate, and for more of cuteness sighting, check out this video.

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  1. kawaii de sho?

    i am looking for a good hand cream that is also beneficial to my nails. i haven't tried this yet for etude house is quite far from where i live. but i'll definitely check this out once i go there.

    more power to your blog,sweetie!