Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Look, G is HAPPY!:D

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boyfie gets a Lip Makeover!:D (With Etude House Welcome to Wonder Lip Land)

Ok, so the truth is boyfie's lips are DRRRRRYYYYY and PALE and so I've decided to experiment with lip gloss to somehow "enliven" his puckers but not looking too gay haha :D I first applied ETUDE HOUSE COLOR ME NUDE lip concealer (costs P228 only) to make his lips look smoother, to hide blemishes on the lips and also to make the lip makeup long-lasting.

Photo courtesy of www.etudehouse.ph. I was so excited with the lip makeover that I only realized while posting this that I failed to take product shot of my Color Me Nude. ORIGINAL PHOTO to follow :D

I then layered three lip gloss colors from Etude House Welcome To Wonder Lip Land to achieve a fairly decent look for him.

I first applied lip gloss color c and then topped it with color d and then finally, lip gloss color f, my favorite among the lip gloss colors, as I've mentioned in my previous review on Etude House Welcome To Wonder Lip Land.

The result? Tadaaaaaaahhhhhh!:D  

What do you think? For me, it looks ok, at least his lips acquired color somehow but doesn't look gay nor too unnatural for a guy :D

Here's a picture of us together, see it looks natural, right? 

I'm just not sure if I could convince him to sport this lip look all the time haha, especially that he's not used to having gloss on his lips but for picture purpose, I'm just glad he relented to my idea haha :D

How about you have you tried giving your guy a makeover? If not yet, try it! It's really fun!:D 

Maybe, I should put eyeliner on him next time...hahahahahhahahahahhaa :D


  1. as long as your girl would put it on to you, nice post :)

  2. awwwww...that's so sweet :D and yes, you should consider this a nice post because it's all about you haha!:D

  3. Yes, it indeed looks natural. :) HAHA! Cute niyo! :P

  4. yes mm! hehe winner ba?:D haha